What is the difference between Brainwave Visualizer and NeuroView (Research Tools)?

Brainwave Visualizer:

BV is a "pretty" software application that gently introduces users to what brainwaves are and how they "look", as colorful raw waves, bar graphs, a spider graph, and eSense meters. It also includes two mini-games (not real games!) that illustrate how brainwaves can be used. Lastly, BV can be ran with iTunes (start iTunes first), and in that case, can record your brainwaves to a file while a song is playing on iTunes.

Note: BV does not provide a strictly accurate display of the raw wave and alpha, beta, etc. There are no values on the graph axis. The graphs have been adjusted to look a little simpler and better for beginning users. For "accurate" display of brainwave graphs and values, they should use the "NeuroView" application in the Research Tools that we offer.


NeuroView is for more accurate and professional brainwave analysis than BV. Its graph values are the exact ones measured by the headset, without scaling to make it "pretty". Also, the user gets full control over the graph axis (zoom in and out). Then, it also displays a fine-grained "power spectrum" analysis of the brainwaves. And lastly, the user can record data to files at any time, and has more control over the format of the data files.

These are features that professional brainwave researchers would need, but that many casual brainwave enthusiasts prefer a less complex software applications like BV.