Example thinkgear_testapp.c

[Update: The information in this article is deprecated. For the latest information and sample code, please refer to http://support.neurosky.com/faqs/development-2/using-tgcd-to-get-ra... . Start with that code as a base, and replace the TG_DATA_RAW constant with whatever data types you're interested in, such as TG_DATA_ATTENTION or TG_DATA_MEDITATION]

Each second, the MindSet outputs 1 Attention/Meditation/Quality/EEGPower Packet, and then outputs 512 Raw Wave Packets. This repeats over and over. The thinkgear_testapp.c example file/program included with the MindKit/MDT loops 10 times, consuming a Packet each loop. The issue is that it counts any Packet, so even looping 1000 times, it would only get 1 or 2 Attention/Meditation/Quality/EEGPower Packets.