How is BrainLink Pro different from MindWave Mobile?

BrainLink Pro is an entirely new headset design with access to more exciting brainwave apps and greatly improved comfort during wear.

  • Experience a whole new world of exciting iOS and Android apps designed specifically for Brainlink Pro. Try out new apps ranging from relaxing meditation training to pulse-pounding Mind Sports and Mind Combat games.
  • Brainlink Pro's headband style design is easily adjusted to fit your head well, which improves comfort and brainwave signal quality.
  • The ear clip has also been redesigned to apply a more gentle touch to the ear. You can wear the headset for longer and with more comfort.
  • Brainlink Pro now includes an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery. No more buying AAA batteries.
  • EmoLight is a new feature that helps you train your brain with glowing lights. Lights on the headband will glow red when you are highly focused and glow blue when you have achieved deep relaxation.

Please note: Both headsets outputs the same data types in Bluetooth and you can use both to develop apps around it using our Developer kit.