What inspired Necomimi to be developed?

It was a shy product planner at a Japanese design company who came up with the idea. As a quiet worker at Neurowear, she wanted to find a way to express herself without having to communicate verbally. In her research, she came across the NeuroSky MindWave, which is a headset that allows you to interface with electronic devices like computers, toys or mobile devices by using your brainwaves. She then proposed an idea that linked the brainwave technology to a fun form of self-expression: a pair of cat ears that move based on the wearer’s state of mind. Neurowear liked the idea so much that they made the concept into a video, which went on to receive two million hits on YouTube in a short period of time. Neurowear then reached out to us at NeuroSky, and we turned the concept into a product.