Developer Tools compatibility with NeuroSky Products

The MindSet Developer Tools (MDT) are fully compatible with all of our EEG hardware devices. To use the MDT with the MindWave, for example, simply install the bundled drivers and pair as normal with MindWave Manager. You may then develop as described in the MDT. For more technical details, please continue reading.

The MindWave uses a proprietary RF Adaptor and therefore requires a particular process for pairing. You may either pair your MindWave using our provided MindWave Manager application, or have your application directly communicate with the MindWave by utilizing the RF Adaptor command set:
Mindwave RF Protocol. This document will provide you with full, detailed, low level, advanced control over the MindWave Adapter's connection protocol.

To see information on the differences between our units, please see this article: