Meditation Journal backup / restore / transfer saved data

On a Windows 7 machine I used this process to backup and restore Meditation Journal data to prepare for rebuilding the hard disk. I think a similar process will work on other Windows version and MAC OS.
(can be adapted for BrainYoga_Journal)

  1. close the Meditation Journal application
  2. use Windows to navigate to the Meditation_Journal data folder. I used Windows 7 and the path was: "c:/Users/<--logged in user-->/My Documents/Meditation_Journal"
  3. use Control-A to select all the files in that folder
  4. right click your mouse, select "Send to" --> "Compressed (zipped) folder"
  5. rename the zip file to a sensible name like ""
  6. transfer the zip file to a safe place (thumb drive, a CD)
  7. take it to another machine to confirm you can read the backup
  8. don't collect anymore data.
  9. rebuild your Windows machine (reformat, reinstall windows, etc.)
  10. reinstall Meditation Journal on the new rebuilt Windows machine.
  11. confirm that Meditation Journal works by recording one test session.
  12. exit Meditation Journal
  13. restart Meditation Journal, confirm that you can see the test session.
  14. exit Meditation Journal
  15. use Windows to navigate to the Meditation_Journal data folder.
  16. delete all the files in the folder.
  17. transfer the backup zip file to the updated machine in the Meditation_Journal folder
  18. extract the zip file contents into Mediation_Journal folder by double clicking on the zip file.
  19. restart Meditation_Journal, you should be able to see all of the saved data.

I think it is pretty safe as long as you confirm the that you can unzip the backup file before you reformat the disk drive.