Can't get a connection with MindWave Mobile+

[This article applies only to MindWave Mobile+, not MindWave Mobile nor MindWave. To determine whether your headset is a MindWave Mobile+, please see: this page]

  1. It is important to use an alkaline battery. Using Carbon Zinc batteries (often labeled as "Super Heavy Duty" or "General Purpose") will often result in connectivity problems, due to their voltage dropping too much when under drain. Here's an example of a battery that works properly: click here

  2. Please delete all "MindWave Mobile+" from your Bluetooth device list, and then carefully follow the Quick Start Guide in your product box, or this Tutorial Video to setup your headset: link

  3. Please ensure your Bluetooth driver is up-to-date.

  4. Please ensure the ThinkGear Connector is running in the background and updated to the latest version (right click the ThinkGear Connector icon and select "Check for update").

  5. The MindWave Mobile+ Tutorial for PC application connects to your headset directly through the COM port, not through the ThinkGear Connector, so it is normal for the ThinkGear Connector to show it is "idle" while you are using the Tutorial.

In the Tutorial, select the COM port that your MindWave Mobile is connected to, or select "Auto" to let the Tutorial try to determine it for you.