What operating systems does the MindSet support?

The MindSet hardware itself is capable of communicating with any computer or device capable of receiving Bluetooth with A2DP and SPP service profiles. However, software applications that support the MindSet may not be available or supported on all platforms.

All of the software included with the MindSet is supported for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7 (including Brainwave Visualizer, Adventures of NeuroBoy, and Bluetooth support). For the Linux Environment, a 3rd-party developer has developed a Linux ThinkGear Connector, which is available at http://brainstorms.puzzlebox.info/index.php?entry=entry100802-202304.

Note that some of the applications in our Store that are developed by 3rd-parties developers may only be supported on Windows or only on Mac. Please check the descriptions for each application in the Store for details: http://store.neurosky.com/collections/applications.

For more information about the MindSet, see: http://neurosky.com

To purchase a MindSet: http://store.neurosky.com/products/mindset

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