Brainwave Visualizer does not show brainwaves even though it looks connected?

If you see a red "X" or no signal bars in the top right hand corner of the Brainwave Visualizer, that means the headset is not detecting any brainwaves. This is often due to the headset's contacts not being able to make proper or firm contact with the skin. In order to make a better contact please make sure of the following things:

  1. When first putting on the headset, use your fingers to gently press the ear cup with the metal contacts firmly inwards against your ear for several seconds. This added bit of initial pressure often significantly helps the ear contacts a surprising amount, which in turn significantly helps the forehead sensor take clean, good quality readings of your brainwaves. Also, before wearing the ear cup, it may help to rub the skin of your ear with your fingers a little bit to warm up your ear.

  2. Make sure all the metal sensor contacts are clean (forehead and ear cup). If necessary, use alcohol wipes to gently clean the sensors.

  3. Make sure your ears and forehead are clean. For example, ensure that you remove makeup or wash your face from sweat. Also, it may be helpful to remove earrings.

  4. Make sure all the contacts are making firm contact with the skin of your forehead and ear. A common issue for some people is for the rear-most metal contact on the ear pad ends up being positioned off your ear, so please double-check to make sure that is on your ear making proper contact. Also make sure there is no hair or jewelry getting in the way between the metal contact surfaces and your skin.