What platforms can I develop MindSet applications on/for?

The MindSet Development Tools (MDT) supports development on Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, and Symbian platforms, in C/C++, C#, and Java languages. It also includes comprehensive specs and documentation of the MindSet's raw serial communication stream, so in theory, any platform/language that can open and read a serial communication stream (from scripting languages all the way down to microprocessors) connected to a MindSet could interface with the MindSet based on the specs. The only real minimum requirement is that your chosen platform must be able to establish a Bluetooth connection and receive data via the Serial Port Profile (SPP) Bluetooth service.

Because serial I/O APIs vary so widely between platforms and languages, NeuroSky cannot directly support platforms and languages other than those listed above from the basic MindSet and MDT products. Support can be expanded to other platforms with the purchase of the Developer Support Program and the MindKit Pro product. For more details on support levels, please refer to the Product Support Comparison Chart.