Development Setup: poorsignal > 0

The documentation of the meaning of poorsignal is available in the MindSet Communications Protocol document (look in the tg/ directory of the MDT). In short, poorsignal > 0 is an indication that the headset sensor may have poor contact with your skin, or it is detecting excessive motion, obscuring the EEG signal. During this time, eSenses (attention, meditation, etc) will not update their values.

Please try re-adjusting the position of the headset, making sure the forehead sensor and ear contacts are all seated firmly against your skin. You may also try cleaning both the electrodes and skin contacts as described in the Quick Start Guide and Instruction Manual.

If poorsignal continues to be > 0 for extended periods of time, the system will reset and attention and meditation will report 0 to indicate unable to determine eSense.

Your application design may wish to detect conditions of when poorsignal > 0 and notify the user that the signal quality is poor, so that they know to sit still, adjust their contacts, or clean the sensor and skin. Showing that information to the user will make their experience with your program easier.