Misc. TGAM Q&A

1.)Where I can find the forehead and ear clip sensors ?

NeuroSky does not sell forehead sensors or ear clip sensors. If you are interested, I would recommend purchasing a MindWave Mobile headset. If you are interested in a DIY project, here is a tip:

        Use shielded cable to reduce unwanted noise

        Use Stainless Steel or Silver-Silver Chloride sensors

2.) Could you please provide me the part number of the sensors ?

NeuroSky designs and develops our own sensors, so we can't recommend any specific part numbers.

Micron is a possible company form where you can purchase sensors. You can check out some of the sensors that they have here: http://www.micronproducts.com/services/sensors/microsense-agility-s....

3.) If I purchase my own main sensor, where can I find an ear clip? Could you please tell me how I can connect to the TGAM module ? There are five signals to be connected, is the ground signal also connected to the EEG shield signal?

We do not know of any ear-clips similar to ours. You will most likely have to build one using the sensors from Micron, or a similar company's products.

As for the shielding, the wires that connect the sensor to the TGAM1 should be shielded. You will solder the shield wire to the shield inputs.

4.) About the shield wire, I understand it has a signal wire and a shield layer, the signal wire is used to connect the sensor to the TGAM, one end of the shield layer is connected to the TGAM shield input, what about the other end of the shield layer? Should it be left open?

You will need to leave the other end of the shield wire unconnected.

5.) In regards to the Reference Electrode and GND Electrode, is there any location requirement about these two sensors? Or in principle they are at the same voltage?

People have experimented with various configurations for ground and reference sensors. The ear is likely the best location. People have also tried behind the ear, forehead, cheek, and many other locations. There's a tradeoff between signal quality and design, which is something that you can test with.