Raw Wave values unavailable from TGC

UPDATE: Raw Wave values are now available in the recent releases of the TGC (available here: http://developer.neurosky.com/docs/doku.php?id=thinkgear_connector_tgc).

The "white wiggly line" seen in the Brainwave Visualizer, known as the Raw Wave, is currently not available
through the TGC yet. It is currently only available through the lower-level interfaces, such as the TGCD, or directly connecting to and parsing the serial COM stream. The TGCD is only accessible on Windows and Mac OSX from programming languages that can call into a shared library (.dll or .bundle), such as C/C++, C#, Java, Lua, etc. Both the Visualizer and NeuroBoy are implemented on top of the TGCD. Please refer to the MindSet Development Guide for further information about the TGCD.