Developing on Mobile Phone Platforms

Currently, NeuroSky provides support for two mobile platforms -- Windows Mobile (WinMo) and Java (J2ME). The decision between developing on WinMo or J2ME will come down to which language and environment you are most comfortable developing in, and which tools and phones you have access to.

If you are comfortable with working in C/C++/C# and you have a Windows Mobile-capable device handy, then that may be the ideal platform for you. On the other hand, if you are most comfortable with Java and have a phone that has J2ME installed with the proper Bluetooth Java services (JSR-82), then that is a good development platform as well. Either way, the tools and docs in the MDT should provide enough information for you to connect and get data from MindSet headsets, and you can contact us if you need assistance with interfacing through our TGCD APIs.

We are able to fully support the following platforms and devices:

Windows Mobile

  • T-Mobile MDA
  • ASUS smartphone / Pocket PC

Java (J2ME)

  • Nokia N95

We don't have information about Bluetooth interoperability on other phones, other than to say that the phone must be able to at least open a serial Bluetooth I/O connection (i.e. Bluetooth Serial Port Profile) to the MindSet, and read data from the connection at a modestly fast rate (57600 baud). With that minimum requirement, then even if the TGCD APIs don't run on the phone for whatever reason, you can still read the serial stream directly to get the headset data.

Details on iPhone and Android support are forthcoming.

UPDATE: please see for more information