Can your devices be used to access computers, point a mouse, etc.?

While it is possible to use our EEG hardware devices to input some keys similar to a keyboard, it is not currently really designed for such use. It is intended to get readings of some aspects of your mental state (i.e. whether you are calm, focused, attentive, etc.) and pass this information to computer software which will react to your mental state. As such, in its current form, it is primarily intended for entertainment purposes, rather than as an assistive device or keyboard replacement.

It is, however, possible to write your own (or for other developers to write their own) applications which map some of the signals and information from the MindWave into keypresses from the keyboard, using the MindWave and the free Development Tools that we offer ( In addition, a lot of research is currently going into using the MindWave more directly as an assistive tool.

If you are still interested in using the MindWave as an assistive tool, or contributing to that area of research, please send an email to They will be able to discuss in much more detail about the possibilities.