What is the ThinkGear Connector and why do I need it?

The ThinkGear Connector (TGC) is needed in order for some games and apps on your Windows and Mac computer to be able to connect to the headset. It sits unobtrusively in the systray in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop, and uses absolutely minimal system resources. By default, it is started for you whenever you start your computer or App Central, so that your apps will be ready and able to connect to the headset. It does nothing besides allow games to connect to the headset.
Advanced users may disable TGC from starting at startup if they wish, but will then need to manually start it from their Start menu or App Central whenever they want to use certain apps or games that use the headset.
The TGC is required because some software platforms, like Flash, do not allow direct access
to the computer’s COM ports. TGC connects specifically to the headset’s COM port and allows Flash games and apps to connect to the headset. TGC makes it easier for many applications to connect to the headset, instead of having to directly access low level system COM ports.