Will the technology help with my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), stroke, etc.?

NeuroSky has been working with leading research institutions to develop tools to help people improve their concentration and attention.These institutions have repeatedly attested to the quality and effectiveness of NeuroSky's technology. Please see the list at http://company.neurosky.com/university/ for some examples of the types of institutions we work with.

While our headsets and applications are meant for entertainment purposes, there are some clinicians and customers who have done some interesting things with the technology.

Though not a solution, our technology has been used to assist those recovering from brain injury. Our products are best used in conjunction with rehab. Please consult a rehab specialist or coordinator prior to purchasing any of our hardware or software products. A friend of the company is Dr. Diane who specializes in brain rehab. Please look into her website and feel free to ask her any questions: http://www.health-helper.com/.