Brainwave Visualizer connection on Mac

[This article is for old version Brainwave Visualizer, which come with MindSet disc. It is not using ThinkGear Connector to set up connection.]

If you are on a Mac, you may need to do the following in order for BrainWave Visualizer to be able to find and connect to your headset:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of Brainwave Visualizer
2) Open Brainwave Visualizer
3) Click the " ~ " key (usually located below the ESC key). A box will appear labelled "Port:"
4) Type in one of the following paths, based on which headset you have:

    For MindWave Mobile (black), type: /dev/tty.MindWaveMobile-DevA
    For MindWave (white), type: /dev/tty.MindWave
    For MindSet, type: /dev/tty.MindSet-DevB
    For MindBand Research, type: /dev/tty.BrainBand-DevB
    (For any other NeuroSky products, consult the documentation 
     for that product, or contact NeuroSky support for additional assistance.)

5) Click "Connect"

You should now be connected!

(Note that BrainWave Visualizer will automatically connect for Windows users.)