Recorder log files format

Normally the format of Recorder log files is liking following,
1374700275.124242: 80 02 00 26 Raw: 38

The parts before the ":" are time stamp information.
The rest of the data is the RAW sample value expressed in 2 different forms.
The "80 02 00 26" are hex values that translate to the RAW sample value in hex.
"80" = the data type = RAW Sample "02" = how many bytes in the value = 2 "00 26" = in bytes = 16 bit value 0f 0x0026

The "Raw: 38" is just that same thing, but expressed as a decimal number.

This RAW Sample values are sent 512 Hz. (about 512 times per second)
They correspond to a voltage measurement taken at the sensor location.
So if you graph these RAW Sample values you should see a wave form that
correspond to the voltages seen at the sensor.