NeuroView log files formats

There isn't a formal user guide document nor spec for the data output by the NeuroView tool. However, the data it outputs are fairly straightforward, and are generally intended to be CSV-formatted for easy exporting to other analysis tools:

NeuroView includes options to record the following:

raw wave data: The raw measured samples by the headset, in ADC units. Each row of the file represents a raw wave sample, with the first number on the row representing the timestamp at which that raw wave sample was received by the app. In TGAT-based headsets (which include MindWaves and MindBands), the EEG is sampled 512 times per second, and sent wirelessly to the computer essentially as soon as they're sampled. To convert the raw adc units back to volts, please visit

Power Spectrum data: Power spectra are calculated from 0 to 60Hz every half second. Each line of the recording file represents one power spectrum from 0 to 60Hz, and each value across the row represents the power in each frequency bucket, in increments of .25Hz buckets. The first row of the file should contain the frequency labels for each column. Each row is preceded by the timestamp at which that row's power spectrum was calculated.

Attention, Meditation, Poor Signal data: These record the Attention, Meditation, and Poor Signal values that were measured, calculated, and reported by the headset. Their format is analogous to the raw wave data, except that these are only calculated and reported once per second.

There is also the option to record a filtered wave, but the filtered data will be essentially the same as the raw wave data, since any filtering which is done is done by the chip on the headset, and is thus raw wave data already incorporates any such front-end filtering. The format of the filtered data file will be similar to the power spectrum file, since any filtering that would be done would be performed on .5 second sets of data at a time, similar to the power spectrum.