How to Properly Wear the MindSet

  1. The sides of the Mindset are adjustable and can be extended to fit various sized heads.The Forehead Sensor Arm is flexible and should arch inwards. Extend the sides as necessary and bend the Forehead Sensor Arm to comfortably fit your head.

  2. Orient the MindSet with the Forehead Sensor Arm on your left hand side. Put on the MindSet. If the sensor does not make contact with the forehead or if the fit is not comfortable, remove the MindSet to readjust the sides and the Forehead Sensor Arm.


  1. Make sure the contact points on the left ear pad make skin-contact with your ear. Move any hair or obstructions out of the way. Readjust the left ear cup as necessary to make proper contact with your ear.


  1. Adjust the Forehead Sensor Arm of the headset so that the Forehead Sensor makes contact with your forehead. This sensor must maintain contact in order to properly measure your brainwaves. The sensor should be comfortable, yet stay in position. Keep hair away from the sensor – the sensor must be able to directly contact the skin at all times.


  1. This is how the MindSet should look when properly worn. During usage, if you are not receiving a signal, repeat the steps above to make minor adjustments to ensure the sensor and contacts have proper skin contact.