Can't find MindWave or can't connect MindWave to application

[This article applies only to the white MindWave headset. It does not apply to the black MindSet nor MindWave Mobile headsets.]

Sometimes, Windows auto-update will incorrectly install an incorrect driver instead of NeuroSky's MindWave driver. This can cause the MindWave headset to be unable to be found or connected to your PC. Please follow these instructions to fix it:

(1) Download the RF driver file from this link:

(2) Plug in RF dongle, and extract the "RF" file.

(3) Open the RF driver folder, then double-click setup.exe.

(4) Select "uninstall" to uninstall your old, incorrect driver.

(5) Then select "install" to install the correct "MindWave USB Adapter" driver.

(6) After installed, you will get a "Driver install successfully" prompt.

In your Windows Device Manager, under the Ports (COM & LPT) section, the device should now appear as "MindWave USB Adapter", and disconnection issues should be resolved.


To confirm you have installed the latest version, please right click the "MindWave USB Adapter" and select "Properties", then navigate to "Driver" section. The latest Driver date is 8/3/2015, Driver version is 3.11.2015.8



If you are using windows 8 system, and the "MindWave USB Adapter" is overwriting to "CH340" automatically, then please go ahead to use "Roll back Driver" to recover it as follows: