Can't get MindWaveMobile connect to Focus Pocus

The Focus Pocus app is developed via Neurocog, therefore firstly please ensure you are having the latest version on this download page:

Secondly, this app is requiring NeuroSky ThinkGear Connector to connect to the headset. The latest ThinkGear Connector is available on NeuroSky developer site, please feel free to download via this link:

Thirdly, please ensure MindWaveMobile has successfully paired with your computer and stay in the "Ready to connect" status: single blinking blue.

Lastly, if the all above solutions don't work, please try the reset headset method according the following steps: First turn MindWaveMobile on, then hold power switch past "on" position for more than 4 seconds until the LED light turns solid red. Then turn it off and turn it on. It should now be double-blinking. Now please pair headset to computer again.