Dry Sensor Technology: EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG

Is your dry electrode also suitable for ECG and EMG detecting?

NeuroSky's Dry Sensor Technology is capable of detecting several different kinds of biosignals depending on where the sensor electrode is placed, including EEG, EOG, EMG, and ECG. On the forehead, EEG signals from the brain and EMG signals from eyeblinks and forehead muscles can be detected.

The TGAM sensor is optimized for EEG detection, which is in the uV to mV range. EMG, however, is typically in the mV range, and EKG (which is ECG measured directly on the chest next to the heart) can be several mV or higher. This means that putting the TGAM's dry sensor next to the chest may cause the raw wave to saturate or clip off at the limits. However, customers have reported being able to use the TGAM sensor to measure ECG from the finger tips.

The newer TGAP sensor has the flexible amplification to effectively detect EEG, ECG/EKG, EMG and EOG. At the time of this writing (Apr 2011), TGAP is in early access and has limited availability.

See also: http://support.neurosky.com/kb/development-2/sensor-contact-electrodes