Can I use NeuroSky products in ________ country?

[This article applies only to MindWave Mobile and MindWave, not MindWave Mobile+. To determine whether your headset is a MindWave Mobile+, please see: this page]

Headset/sensor hardware products purchased from NeuroSky's Online Stores are designed and intended only to be used in the country they were purchased in. For example, a headset purchased in the United States will likely not take accurate brainwave measurements in Europe, and vice versa.

The reason is that there are two versions of the headsets/sensors, each designed only to be operated near only one of the two electrical grid formats of the world: 60 Hz and 50 Hz. If you purchase a MindWave or MindWave Mobile from our U.S. Store, you will receive the 60 Hz model, designed to only be used in countries with a 60 Hz electrical grid. If you purchase a headset from our European Store, you will receive a 50 Hz model, designed to only be used in countries with a 50 Hz electrical grid. Each version of the headset is designed to properly filter out electrical noise of only either 50 or 60 Hz.

Additionally, due to import restrictions, each store may only be able to deliver to certain countries (see If you have any concerns about whether you are making the right purchase for your country of usage, just ask our support team:

To check which system your country uses, please feel free to view here: