Can your products be used for ________?

NeuroSky envisions a future limited only by the power of the human mind. For the past five years, our technology has been used for R&D in a number of the world’s most venerated intuitions and universities. Collaboration with our current academic and corporate partners has proven that the integration of our Brain-Computer Interface technology can bring about monumental advancements in a broad number of fields. We recently released a Partner Program with hardware components and application development kit for the robust BCI developer industry: For information about BCI components, contact us directly. We encourage you to stay abreast of NeuroSky and the rapidly evolving BCI field by reading our blog and tracking us on Twitter and Facebook. Our new announcements, as well as partner and general industry news are evolving at a rapid pace.

Finally, for a glimpse of what to expect in the future, please see this CNN piece on NeuroSky BCI: