What is the difference between the MindSet, MindWave, MindWave Mobile and XWave?

The MindSet, MindWave, and MindWave Mobile are all wireless devices used to record EEG. All three devices utilize identical chips. Also, the devices use the same dry sensor technology.

The MindSet uses Bluetooth to transmit data, and includes a Bluetooth dongle for computers without a built in Bluetooth receiver. The MindSet is compatible with PC, Mac, and Android. The MindSet also includes Bluetooth stereo audio input, has a microphone, and can be used as a hands free device. The MindWave and MindWave Mobile do not include these features, but as a trade-off, require a smaller footprint.

The MindWave uses RF to transmit data, and includes an RF USB dongle compatible with both Mac and Windows. The MindWave is compatible with PC and Mac only.

The MindWave Mobile can be used with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Note that the MindWave Mobile does not include a Bluetooth dongle, your computer device must have Bluetooth, or you must purchase a Bluetooth adapter separately.

There are two available versions of the MindWave Mobile, the BrainWave Starter kit and the MyndPlay Bundle. The only difference between the two products is the software applications that are included in the package.

See this article for an easy comparison chart:


Any applications that you develop for the MindWave will work with the MindSet and MindWave Mobile and vice versa. All three devices use identical serial communication protocols. Therefore, all applications, and the Development Tools, work with the both devices.

The XWave is made by PLX. It is not a wireless device. It is designed for iPhones/iPads devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). It will not work with Windows nor Mac computers. For more details about the XWave, please contact PLX.