Pairing the MindSet with Mac OS X 10.5

  1. If your Mac already has Bluetooth, skip ahead to Step 2. Otherwise, plug in the Bluetooth adapter included with your MindSet.
  2. Ensure that the USB cable is not connected to the MindSet (the USB cable is for charging only).
  3. Make sure the MindSet is powered on, and then put it into pairing mode by pushing IN the Media Button for 3 seconds. Be sure to push it straight into the earcup and hold it until the red and blue lights flash rapidly to indicate “Pairing Mode”.
  4. On your Mac, open System Preferences, and click on the Bluetooth icon.
  5. Click on the ** + ** button in the lower-left to add a new Bluetooth device.
  6. When asked to Select Device Type, choose “Any Device”, then click “Continue”.
  7. Click the “Passkey Options…” button at the bottom, and make sure the option is set to “Use a specific passkey”. Click “OK”.
  8. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant will now search for devices. Allow the Bluetooth Setup Assistant to finish searching for Bluetooth devices.
  9. Select the MindSet device and click Continue
  10. If prompted for a passkey, enter in 0000
  11. Quit the Bluetooth Setup Assistant after pairing is complete.

If the connection is unreliable and/or static noise is present, please un-pair and power off all nearby Bluetooth devices to eliminate interference.