Interpreting neural signals is difficult even for the trained professional. How do NeuroSky's products translate this information to the consumer?

“Interpretation” is the real value statement of the NeuroSky technology. Interpretation is really a higher level abstraction of the basic EEG data and how it relates to particular cognitive states. For years, interpretation was only in the domain of the neuroscience research community and biofeedback specialists. But, some mental and emotional states are less complex than others. NeuroSky’s first interpretations (relaxation-meditation, focus-attention) are based on these simpler interpretations. As our technology advances, higher levels of interpretation become possible and, thus, more potential applications (uses) can be derived from them by our partners.

Interpretation is a process based on signal capture, noise filtering and interpretation. There are significant challenges to remove noise from the very small (micro-volt) EEG signals produced from neuron activity. Two important noise filtering challenges are removing from the actual brain signal both the ambient noise (environmental noise) as well as other bio-signals noise sources (called “artifacts”). NeuroSky places a heavy emphasis on providing the most reliable EEG signal through our advances in noise filtration—otherwise, we would be interpreting “garbage.” Once a reliable EEG signal is available, the next challenge is to interpret how this information correlates to certain mental and emotional states. There has been decades of research on how certain brainwave frequencies and amplitudes relate to certain cognitive states. You can find summaries of this research on many websites. Here is one example: NeuroSky leverages both academic and in-house research to advance the quality and scope of our interpretation libraries.