Does NeuroSky foresee any clinical applications for the devices for health professionals?

Today, there is strong momentum gaining in the mobile health and wellness space. This is world of remote health, where consumers take more of an active and self-managed role in their own health needs. NeuroSky has positioned itself to more naturally fit into these markets than into the traditional hospital / clinical worlds. Remote health users need technology products that are affordable, reliable, portable and consumer-friendly in order to adopt them for use in their daily lives. This is what NeuroSky has already been doing for years. We play to our strength, which is to adapt complex medical technologies into something suitable to use by anyone from a young person to a senior citizen. In the future, user brainwave data will be captured by your mobile device and delivered to the clinician (telehealth) to help her diagnose brain activity irregularities, potential disease onset, and other brain health indicators.

In terms of health and wellness applications already on the market by our partners, there are several. One research-backed partner product, called Focus Pocus, is already being used by children to improve focus and impulse control by playing a game using our MindWave headset. We have other partners who developed meditation and relaxation tools that train people to de-stress. Of course, there are other, on-going partner activities that we are unable to discuss at this time, but we are eagerly awaiting their future announcements.

In sum, biosensors are starting to play a huge role in mobile healthcare and are creating gigantic, new opportunities for companies like NeuroSky.